5 Unique Ways to Use Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is one of Microsoft’s most underrated applications. Not exclusively would you be able to scribble down notes or keep plan for the day, you can utilize a stylus to do it, change over transcribed notes to content, or arrange your formula gathering. OneNote is accessible on relatively every stage, making this strangely valuable application considerably more significant.

OneNote is a ground-breaking note-taking application. It’s cross-stage and all around coordinated into Microsoft Office. Read this manual for turn into an OneNote professional!

Albeit OneNote is accessible with great usefulness on cell phones, the tips beneath are fundamentally proposed for running OneNote on Windows and macOS.

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1. Dealing with Your Shopping List

Ever landed at the general store and found that you overlooked what you went for? Indeed, even on a paper-based show, it’s anything but difficult to overlook things on the off chance that you haven’t got a pen to check them off.

Today, you can keep your shopping list on your telephone. On the off chance that you utilize OneNote, you can refresh it on your work area and match up it to your telephone before you take off. Gratefully, OneNote is accessible for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile.

Basically make a rundown on one gadget, select the things, right-click and select Tag as To Do to include check boxes. While you’re shopping, separate things as you go – and pay special mind to your better half tricky adding 12 jugs of wine to the rundown!

2. Overseeing Recipes in OneNote

In case you’re somewhat of a foody, at that point it may intrigue you that it is so natural to oversee formulas in OneNote.

You can approach this in various ways. Start by making another area in your scratch pad and naming it “Formulas”. You can utilize the camera on your cell phone to snap formulas in books and magazines or utilize the Print work in your program (picking OneNote as the printer) to add formulas to this new segment, sorting out them onto singular pages for every formula, or maybe every dinner write.

For those utilizing a gadget that perceives penmanship, you can likewise utilize your finger or stylus to influence notes on the formula as you to cook – maybe an estimation has been printed inaccurately, or you have to make a temperature modification for your fan stove!

Keep in mind that you can utilize custom labels to additionally compose your formula accumulation.

3. OneNote as Your Newsreader

An astounding method for utilizing OneNote is to receive it as an augmentation of your newsreader application. It sounds quite far-fetched, however is made conceivable because of IFTTT, which has as of late propelled an OneNote channel. Various diverse combinations are accessible, empowering numerous formulas, and we surmise this is truly outstanding.

The formula utilizes Feedly and empowers you to set posts you delighted in the news peruser application and set as most loved in OneNote. This is especially valuable as it spares you tracking back and discover them later on, and obviously OneNote will match up the substance crosswise over gadgets, making it simple to discover.

4. Utilize It as Your Media Player

Try not to have sufficient energy to set up a playlist in iTunes, Xbox Music or whatever your picked MP3 player is? For what reason not simply play your most loved tunes through an OneNote page?

This is especially helpful in case you’re working in OneNote, maybe on a long accumulation of notes. All you have to improve the situation this is discover the MP3s being referred to by perusing Windows Explorer and intuitive them into your OneNote page. From that point, organize them so they’re not in your direction, and snap play to start tuning in.

Note that the MP3s will turn out to be a piece of the archive while you work, and on the off chance that you utilize OneDrive they’ll additionally be matched up with the cloud, so you might need to maintain a strategic distance from an unreasonably vast record estimate by expelling the tracks from OneNote when you’re finished with the page.

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5. Recording a Demo Tape

This is a minor departure from utilizing OneNote for meeting. In case you’re an artist or artist musician and need a simple method to record tracks and keep all music, notes, harmony changes and verses on a similar screen, OneNote is a great method to do this – and it gives you a chance to record in the meantime!

After you have all that you have to record the demo together, utilize Insert > Record Audio to record the melody. Clearly this isn’t intended for demos proposed for record organizations or radio stations, rather those that you would deliver to impart to band mates and colleagues, or as a perspective to build up your track further.

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